Enhancing Economic Research Excellence: The Impactful Contribution of the Laboratory of Experimental Economics (LEE) to the Execopol Project at VSE

Members of the Laboratory of Experimental Economics (LEE) actively contributed to the formulation of the Horizon Twinning project proposal titled “Excellence in Economics and Economic Policy Making: Strategic Networking and Capacity Building in Transfer of Theory to Practice (Execopol),” led by Professor Martina Pěluchy from the Faculty of Economics at the VSE. The project’s overarching goal is to enhance research excellence by navigating the path from identifying public sector requirements, conducting laboratory testing, to implementing field experiments and applying the findings. Collaborative efforts will be intensified with esteemed partners such as the University of Vienna in Austria, the University of Turku in Finland, and Northumbria University in the UK. The specific objectives encompass translating scientific knowledge into practical policymaking at regional, national, and European levels.

The project outlines several sub-objectives to achieve its main goal. Firstly, it aims to fortify the Faculty of Economics at the VSE by enhancing expertise in connecting experimental economic research with approaches in economic policy, regional development, and the broader policymaking process. Secondly, within the scope of capacity-building activities, the project strives to create favorable conditions for increased participation in international research grants and to facilitate the preparation and involvement in substantial R&D consortia, utilizing the internal potential of the Faculty of Economics. Lastly, the initiative seeks to deepen collaboration with both practical entities and international scientific partners, with the explicit intention of augmenting the social impact of economic research conducted at the Faculty of Economics. The faculty is recognized for its exceptional ability and capacity to generate theoretical and empirical knowledge in the field of economics and economic policy.