About us

The Laboratory of Experimental Economics (LEE) was established in August 2009; the Academic senate of the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration at the Prague University of Economics and Business (UEP) approved its status in September 2009. The ceremonial opening of the LEE took place on October 7th 2009. Photo gallery of LEE, the UEP campus and the ceremonial opening here.

The Laboratory consists of two separate laboratory rooms, one with 24 and the other with 12 computers and one monitoring room with up to four server computers. Spherical panorama and 3D animation.

The network construction enables running several independent experiments in any configuration, given that the sum of work stations and servers used in all experiments does not exceed 40. This makes LEE one of the largest laboratories of its kind in the world.

The programming languages which are primarily used in the laboratories are zTree (versions 3.6.6. – 4.1.7), Visual Basic and oTree. To be able to use the Lab one needs to read and adhere to the Lab Instructions and their Annexes.

The way to the LEE premises is explained here in detail.