Student works


Ondřej Králíček (DT): The effect of predefined decisions on conditional cooperation; an experimental study (LINK)

Thesis supervisor: Tomáš Miklánek



Jiří Bosák (BT): Feedback and its perception (LINK)

Thesis supervisor: Tomáš Miklánek



Martin Polívka (DT): Reciprocity and the role of information: an experimental study (LINK)

Thesis supervisor: Tomáš Miklánek



Michaela Ryšavá (DT): The impact of hormonal changes on women’s decision-making in economic games (LINK)

Thesis supervisor: Tomáš Miklánek


David Mikolaj (DT): The role of guilt in social utility decision making (LINK)

Thesis supervisor: Tomáš Miklánek



Tatiana Bessonova (BT): Wisdom of Crowds: Do Women Play a Different Role? (LINK)

Thesis supervisor: Lubomír Cingl



Kateřina Chadimová (DT): Predicting Field Experiment Results in a Lab (LINK)

Thesis supervisor: Lubomír Cingl



Adham Mohamed Wahied Dahy (BT): Determinants of the Sharing Economy Emergence; an experimental study (LINK)

Thesis supervisor: Tomáš Miklánek



Roman Bohumínský (DT): Does the currency changeover to euro rise prices? An experimental study from Czech Republic. (LINK)

Thesis supervisor: Silvester van Koten


Older theses


Lucie Kalousová: Testing the ownership effect: does the ownership effect depend on market experience?

Thesis Supervisor: Helena Chytilová


Samuel Škoda: Effort and cheating: an experiment

Thesis supervisor: Michal Bauer, PhD


Ivo Strejček: Are economists more “selfish” than their peers?

Thesis supervisor: Zdeněk Chytil


Tomáš Marek: Is Jiří Dvořák more employable than Demeter Lakatoš?

Thesis supervisor: Ing. Petr Houdek


Marek Pekoč: Is male behaviour less altruistic than female?

Thesis supervisor: Zdeněk Chytil


Pavel Zechmeister: Testing models of emission allowance trading, Bachelor thesis, NF VŠE 2011 Thesis supervisor. Marek Mičúch


Helena Chytilová: Money Illusion and Economic Education: an Experimental Approach

Dissertation thesis supervisor: Prof. Ing. Robert Holman, Csc.


Experimental verification of bounded rationality of agents in different institutional settings, IGS 2010-2011

Project leader: Petr Koblovský




Experiments within the project:


Ludmila Hadincová: Testing the Possessiveness Effect, Bachelor’s Thesis, NF IGS 2011

Thesis supervisor: Petr Houdek


Lubomír Cingl: Dependence of information cascade formation on time to decision

Thesis supervisor: PhDr. Michal Bauer, PhD


Olexander Nikolajchuk: Explaining learning rates using game decomposition

Thesis supervisor. Peter Katuščák, PhD.


Natalia Shestakova: Understanding Consumer choice of pricing schemes

Thesis supervisor. Peter Katuščák, PhD.


Olexandr Nikolaychuk: Individual Learning under Asymmetric Information and Limited Environmental Feedback


Lasha Lanchava: On the Existence of the Utility Premium for Being Free or the Rational Irrationality, CERGE-EI 2010

Thesis supervisor. Mgr. Peter Katuščák, PhD.

Bc. Ludmila Svatošová: Analysis of the behaviour and decision-making of participants in a Dutch auction and an ascending auction with a uniform price in the sale of homogeneous products, Bachelor thesis, NF VŠE 2010

Thesis supervisor. Marek Hudík


Mgr. Luboš Cingl: Do information cascades arise more often in time pressure? Master thesis, IES FSV UK 2010

Thesis supervisor: PhDr. Michal Bauer, PhD


Bc. Jakub Caisl: How and where matching grant and its size affects contributions, Bachelor thesis, IES FSV UK 2010

Thesis supervisor: PhDr. Michal Bauer, PhD