2023: Planned experiments

Further experiments are planned in the laboratory in 2023. The first experiment in LEE will be carried out by the research team around doc. Ing. Jana Péliová, Ph.D. from the University of Economics in Bratislava. Next, a visit of Ian Levely, Ph.D., M.A. from King’s College London is planned. As part of his project The Role of Social Preferences in Cooperative Behaviour funded by GAČR, Ing. Tomáš Miklánek, Ph.D., M.A. will also implement the experiment. Last but not least, it is worth mentioning the research projects that have succeeded in the Internal Grant Competition and will therefore also implement experiments within LEE. Ing. Ondřej Dohnal succeeded with the project proposal Advanced Experimental Approach to Bank Runs. Ing. Berenika Tužilová will investigate the Impact of Emotions on Donations to Dog Shelters. And finally, Ing. Vojtěch Kotrba, Ph.D. will carry out a project on Changes in Interest Rates and Consumer Behavior in Searching for Savings Accounts, an Experimental Approach.